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ATTENTION:  For Those Serious About Building Relationships, 

Getting More Clients Or Selling More Of Their Products & Services

Dennis Chamberland

Affordable Custom Websites

We Don't Just Build Webpages.  We Craft Custom Smart Websites That Create Real Relationships And Turn Your Visitors Into New Customers!

The Era Of The Traditional Static Website Is Over...

In some markets they are dying a slow death while in others, they are already dead! These dinosaurs have been replaced by Custom Smart Websites with a purpose. Fact is that most custom sites need to have a plan for building authentic relationships in order to be effective, and this plan usually takes the form of a relationship building funnel or a product sales funnel.


What is a funnel and how does it work you ask? Well, a lot of that depends on the type of company you own and the types of products or services you offer. There are 

certain types of smart websites and funnels for Authors, 

speakers, coaches and consultants... and even more different types of smart websites and funnels for services-based businesses...


Answer this simple question to the right and we'll help you determine which type of smart website best fits your needs.


It doesn't matter if you're publishing research 

documents, selling physical products or services... 

There is a smart website or smart funnel for almost any type of situation that you can dream of... we can create a custom smart website (with the right funnel(s) if you wish) just for you...

Affordable Custom Websites For Individuals And Business

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Answer Below And Discover Which Custom Smart Website Works Best For You! 

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Discover What Smart Website Funnel System Is Best For You.

We Love Our Clients and Our Clients Love Us!


Dennis Chamberland has a step by step, holistic and heartfelt approach to doing business. Dennis helped us define and implement a marketing strategy and then tied it together with our brick and mortar Shoppe, social networks, the media and our Community. Dennis has increased our visibility, improved our internet rankings and continues to work with us to increase our successes. We couldn't do this without him! He's also a really nice guy with a lot of patience and a lot of ability!


I hired Dennis to help develop an updated website for my company. I found Dennis through the WIX website list of service providers. After talking with Dennis it was clear that he was the right man for the job. He understood my need for a give-and-take process in developing my website and was full of ideas and suggestions along the way. He kept the project on schedule without pushing me to get something out I didn't like. He fielded hundreds of e-mails from me and spent hours on conference calls without a complaint. In the end the website looked great. 


My experience working with Dennis to develop my website was exceptional. I gave Dennis some ideas of what I wanted and a color palette to work with and he creative a wonderful, professional looking website that I have received many positive compliments on. Dennis was always prompt for meetings, easy to work with, and very knowledgeable of the elements needed to create a successful website that will attract clients.

I recommend Dennis with a full five stars to anyone looking to create a website.

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